Tuesday, 11 October 2011

A different parenting and education system abroad

Being a mum of two toddlers now, I am very passionate in observing the development of my two boys (the eldest is now six years old and the youngest is two years old). I firmly believe that it’s a parent's job to encourage their children towards creative thinking and confidence.

I was fortunate to have the experience of raising my two boys abroad, when I was furthering my studies in Britain. As far as the British education system is concerned, the approach is to instil the concept of fun learning via exploration. Schooling starts at the age of five, hence my boy went to school when he reached five years old. He gained some advantages when he was schooling in Britain, apart from the language advantage – yes, he managed to converse fluently in English and with full confidence after two months of schooling.

At school, the teachers encouraged students to present in front of their friends, for example, to share a story about their favourite toys, what they did during the weekend, their holidays, etc

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