Sunday, 11 July 2010

MUI rebuffs Malaysian fatwa on ESQ

MUI chairman Amidhan told The Jakarta Post on Wednesday the fatwa issued by a Malaysian mufti to declare the widely-popular Emotional and Spiritual Quotient (ESQ) training program heretical was “exorbitant”.

“The ESQ method is very advanced and extraordinary. Those who issued the fatwa are just not ready [for such methods],” he said.

“A hearing attended by all the muftis and Ary on June, 16, concluded that the 13 muftis would not [issue] a haram edict on the training. The mufti for federal territories, however, did not attend the meeting and issued the fatwa without ever meeting with Pak Ary to explain,” Dwitya said in a written statement.

Link: The Jakarta Post

Komen: Inilah paparan dunia Islam yang terhidang di Malaysia. Another muslim vs muslim yang tak membantu perkembangan agama..